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CARES Coalition


The Community Allied Resources to End Sexual Violence (CARES) Coalition is an effort that began in Davis County in April of 2016 with the intention of preventing sexual violence.

Sexual violence includes acts such as rape, sexual coercion, unwanted sexual contact such as fondling as well as verbal sexual harassment. (1) We know that one in three Utah women will experience some form of sexual violence during their lives. (2) We know that one in eight Utah women and one in 50 Utah men has reported experiencing rape or attempted rape. (3)

The Coalition is focused on primary prevention efforts, that take place before sexual violence has occurred to prevent initial perpetration or victimization. Prevention efforts often focus on enhancing protective factors (e.g., empathy development, emotional health, connectedness) while reducing risk factors (e.g., gender inequality, acceptance of violence). (1)

Bystander intervention training is one strategy we are implementing to encourage community members to take action in situations that signal risk for sexual violence, from countering verbal harassment, to finding safe ways to intervene if witnessing potential sexual assault. Bystander strategies increase self-efficacy (i.e., confidence in ability to intervene), diminish victim blaming attitudes, and strengthen skills so bystanders will put thought into action. (4)


We envision our entire community engaged in preventing sexual violence and promoting a culture of consent.


To prevent sexual violence by addressing victimization, perpetration and bystander attitudes through collaborative, empowering, educational community initiatives.


Meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to join us anytime! Please join the CARES Coalition Facebook Group for up to date information about meeting times and locations.


Phone: 801-444-3191
Email: info@safeharborhope.org

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If you would like to get involved or have any questions, please email info@safeharborhope.org