Safe Harbor is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter, supportive services, and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We also provide education, awareness, and resources to our community.

Our dedication to these objectives reflects our belief in the right of all individuals to a self-determined life free of violence.

Leadership Team

Kristen Floyd, Executive Director
Vic Eschler, Director of Human Resources and Operations
Mary Robinson, Shelter Director
Tori Vance, Advocacy Services Coordinator
Alana Cloud, Director of Development

Executive Board

Teresa Kendell, Chair
Sol Oberg, Vice Chair
Mark Parsons, Treasurer
Dawn Brandvold, Secretary
Allen Swanson
Jen Burnett
Jill Allsop
Jim Gramoll
Lorene Kamalu
Lori Pehrson
Melissa Freigang
Patrick Kendell
Paul Summers
Shawn Beus
Trevor Johnson

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