Why do we provide housing?

The first step for a survivor’s escape is to obtain housing. Abusers often control their victim’s assets to enforce financial dependability, which leaves the victim at high risk for homelessness. These barriers make it difficult for a survivor to leave their situation. In a needs assessment performed by University of Utah in 2022, domestic violence survivors named housing in the top 5 needs for recovery. Furthermore, over 70% of Utahns have been priced out of the state’s median priced home. Help us alleviate the risk of homelessness for survivors. 

Safe Harbor’s Hope Housing Program provides up to 12 months of safe and secure housing with onsite support. We’re in the process of expanding our apartment complex by 14 units.

Housing Service Demand

From 2020 – 2022, Safe Harbor received 1,026 applications for housing services. Due to the limited number of units in our complex, we were only able to house 68 clients.

1 in 4 homeless women have experienced domestic violence.

According to Deseret News, in 2021, 26.7% of all females accessing homeless services had experienced domestic violence at some point.