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Lethality Assessment Program

Safe Harbor and Woods Cross Police Department first implemented the LAP in 2011. Utah has a higher rate of domestic violence related homicide than the national average - over 40% of homicides in Utah over the last ten years were domestic violence related. This statistic represents lost mothers, daughters, children, fathers, sons…valued family members. It is a tragedy that police departments, domestic violence advocates, and the legislature is trying to change with a wider piloting of the Lethality Assessment Protocol.

The Lethality Assessment Protocol is an evidence-based assessment protocol proven to save lives, improve prosecution rates and decrease domestic violence related homicides in over 30 states. How does this work? The LAP protocol directs members of law enforcement responding to a domestic call to conduct an 11 question lethality screen with the victim. When the screen indicates a high risk of a lethal level of violence, the officer makes immediate contact with a domestic violence program, such as Safe Harbor, to connect the survivor to services that could increase safety and save their life.