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Prevention Education Program

1 in 3 women in Utah report experiencing sexual assault at some point in her lifetime. 1 in 3 women in Utah experience domestic violence versus 1 in 4 nationally. For the past ten years 43% of homicides in Utah were domestic violence related compared to around 30% nationally. The only way we can stop this trend is through effective prevention efforts now.

Safe Harbor envisions a time when our services are no longer needed. To achieve this vision Safe Harbor established the Prevention Education Program. With funding through the Utah Department of Health and Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine, Safe Harbor is working with our community to help change the conversation around sexual assault and domestic violence to reduce the incidence of this type of violence in the community. Strategies that promote healthy behaviors in relationships are important to prevent violence before it happens and programs that teach young people socioemotional skills like communication and problem solving can prevent violence.

How can you get involved?

1. Become a member of the Community Allied Resources to End Sexual Violence (CARES) Coalition to help develop a community wide plan to end sexual violence. The CARES Coalition is a group of concerned community members whose mission is, “To prevent sexual violence by addressing victimization, perpetration and bystander attitudes through collaborative, empowering, educational community initiatives.” The CARES Coalition meets once a month and we welcome you to join other dynamic members of your community to make society safer. For current meeting information check out our facebook page or learn more here.

2. Schedule a Bystander Intervention Training for your organization! Email beth@safeharborhope.org. What is Bystander Intervention? Bystander Intervention teaches skills to effectively and safely intervene if you witness behaviors that promote violence.

3. Have a presentation on Healthy Relationships at your school or organization. Email beth@safeharborhope.org.

4. Thanks to Verizon HopeLine funding, we can now offer Second Step presentations to middle school age youth. Second Step is a classroom-based social-skills program that teaches socioemotional skills that have been proven to reduce impulsive and aggressive behavior, such as bullying.

5. Follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/SafeHarborCrisisCenter and share our posts.

6. Change the conversation – if you overhear someone saying something that helps promote sexual violence, (i.e. “Men can’t be raped.” “What did she expect going to a party dressed like that?” or even jokes that demean women) say something. Silence condones myths that can help create a society where violence is accepted.

7. Learn more by talking to our Community Engagement Advocate who can be reached at beth@safeharborhope.org or by calling 801-444-3191.

8. If you want to learn more about national efforts to reduce sexual assault and rape, click here.