24/7 Crisis Helpline: 801-444-9161

Complete a Project

If you are interested in completing a project for Safe Harbor Crisis Center, please give us a call to discuss current needs and your ideas, 801-660-6104, or email, tressa@safeharborhope.org. The needs at Safe Harbor are always changing and we would love to plan with you what will have the biggest impact on survivors and their children. Examples of the kinds of projects that people have completed in the past include:

  • Building a dog run for pets in the emergency shelter
  • Landscaping clean up (the weeds are never ending!)
  • Sprucing up picnic tables, children's playground areas, or the gazebo
  • Goods drives - canned goods, paper goods, toiletries, etc.
  • Craft projects that can be sold at our Annual Evergreens Benefit Craft Boutique to raise funds to continue providing free services to survivors
  • Painting offices, hallways, or common areas
  • Decorating a shelter room

    We hope these examples will inspire you and you will give us a call today, 801-660-6104! You could also take a look at our Wish List for ideas of the kinds of things needed to continue to operate the agency, provide free services, and meet the needs of survivors and their children.

    Fundraising Drive
    If your community group, church, school, or other organization is interested in conducting a fundraising drive for Safe Harbor Crisis Center, please call 801-444-3191 or email info@safeharborhope.org. We would be happy to conduct a presentation for your group and accept your donation on behalf of Safe Harbor Crisis Center and all our families.

    Without the generous support of our community members Safe Harbor Crisis Center couldn’t continue to help women, children, and men rebuild their lives after domestic violence or sexual assault. Thank you for making it possible!

    For more information about how your gift helps, please click here or view our Annual Report to see how your donation transforms into services.