Prevention Education Program

Safe Harbor is helping change the conversation around domestic violence and sexual assault to reduce the incidence of this type of violence in the community.

Did you know, there are factors that increase the likelihood of sexual or domestic violence and factors that decrease the likelihood?

1 in 3 women in Utah report experiencing sexual assault

at some point in her lifetime

1 in 3 women in Utah experience domestic violence

The national average is 1 in 4


of homicides in Utah are related to domestic violence

The national average is 30% for the past 10 years.

We want to change this and you can help!

What You Can Do

  • Schedule a Bystander Intervention Training for your organization! Email
  • Follow us on Facebook and share our posts.
  • Become a member of the Community Allied Resources to Ensure Safety (CARES) Coalition to help develop a community-wide plan to end sexual violence.
  • Have a presentation on Healthy Relationships at your school or organization.
  • Change the conversation. If you overhear someone saying something that helps promote sexual violence, (i.e. “Men can’t be raped.” “What did she expect going to a party dressed like that?” or even jokes that demean any group), say something. Silence condones myths that can help create a society where violence is accepted.
  • Learn more by talking to our Community Engagement Advocate
  • Visit the CDC website to learn more about national efforts to reduce sexual assault and rape.