About Us

Safe Harbor is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter, supportive services, and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We also provide education, awareness, and resources to our community.

Since Safe Harbor began as a grassroots effort by a dedicated group of citizens in 1997, our services and practices have continued to grow and evolve to meet the needs of survivors, those impacted by violence, and our community. We have implemented strengths-based, trauma-informed best practices recognizing that each person we serve is an expert in their experience.

As part of our continued evolution to best serve survivors and our community, we are excited to announce Safe Harbor’s new logo as a visual representation of our mission as a nonprofit agency. Safe Harbor’s colors are teal and purple in honor of sexual assault awareness and domestic violence awareness, which are used in varying shades in our new logo.

Sexual assault and domestic abuse are often seen as women’s issues, but these issues know no limits – gender identity, sexual orientation, income, religion, or neighborhood – anyone can be impacted by these crimes and we want our community to know that we are here to help and offer that help without judgment, regardless of who you are or what your experience.

Our new logo embodies intersectionality. The intersecting circles that make the whole of our logo honor the intersections and interconnections of the people, influences, and social factors related to decreasing violence in the community and serving those impacted by that violence.

We operate from a place of understanding of the relationship across experiences and between people. Everything is interconnected. We must all work together recognizing the intersection of each person and each experience, and how these relationships and experiences relate to each other.

Anyone who is impacted by domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking, or dating violence, whether directly or indirectly, can call our crisis line 24/7 for help, 801-444-9161.”


Safe Harbor, a non-profit organization, provides shelter, supportive services and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as education, awareness and resources to our community.


All individuals empowered to choose a life free of violence.


Everyone has a right to a safe, self-determined life free of violence.

Interpersonal violence affects everyone. Understanding this, Safe Harbor offers inclusive services for all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.

There is an intergenerational impact of violence we must address with intervention, education, and community awareness. Children from violent homes experience trauma that can have a lifelong impact.

Domestic and sexual violence are about power and control.

Safe Harbor Crisis Center strives to create a community where violence and abuse are not tolerated. Our prevention and intervention services can help empower each individual to reduce violence in Davis County.

4,023 Individuals served

18,577 Nights of safety in our residential programs

2,151 crisis line calls answered

Intersecting Identities

Awareness of others & their stories 

Consideration of each individual’s interconnected identities to understand their past and future experiences 

Shared risk and protective factors


Making whole

Working together across sectors

Strengthening through interconnection

Encouraging self-determination and self-confidence

Motivating positive steps

Providing resources and support

Offering a path to safety

Welcoming all

Each individual regaining control over their lives

Respecting that each person is uniquely capable of knowing what’s best for them


Leadership Team

Elisabeth Koelling
Therapy Program Director

Shawna Bryant
Forensic Nurse Director

Heather Butler
Shelter Director

Claudia Kite
Associate Shelter Director

Madyson Weinmann
Housing Director

Kayla Jenson
Community Advocacy Director

Olivia Dario
Director of Development

Executive Board

Allen Swanson
Amanda Tullis, Treasurer
Haley Soto, Vice Chair
Jim Gramoll
Kaitlin Ramos
Kristina Brown, Secretary
Leah Moses
Lorene Kamalu
Lori Pehrson
Mark Parsons, Chair
Patrick Kendell
Rosemary Lesser
Sandra Castillo
Shawn Beus
Stephen Norton
Tricia Dirks