Boys and Men Against Violence

Most men are not perpetrators but most perpetrators are men.

Are you a community or business leader, parent, or educator who wants to make a difference but doesn’t know how to start?

The resource hub was created just for you.

Domestic violence is at an all time high in our community, and the best way to stop the violence is focus on prevention. In order to have effective prevention programs, we must include men in the fight to stop violence against women.

The resource hub was created to empower and inspire community members like you to create real and lasting change. Boys and men against violence is a program designed to equip you with the tools and resources you need to get started and then connect you to other leaders in prevention to collaborate and learn from one another.

Here are some leaders in domestic violence prevention who we’ve collaborated with thus far:

April Tribe Giauque

April Tribe Giauque is a published author & empowerment speaker. Her first published work, Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse is her heroine story of escaping abuse with her five children. Safe Harbor Crisis Center played a major role in helping her to obtain a protective order. April also created a program called “The Supporter’s Toolkit” which helps friends, family, and co-workers know how to support someone who is in abuse.

Her second, Out of Darkness, is her healing journey that followed. She empowers women to move from trauma to truth and darkness to light by helping them heal through their story and share it boldly through writing and speaking. She has coaches clients in developmental editing, writing coaching, & Ghostwriting.
Pinpoints Across America is the movement to place her book of hope in 11,000 shelters.

Through her podcast, Beacon of Light, she highlights authors who write about hope and healing. With ghostwriting, she takes your work through her head, hearts, and hands and turns it into your masterpiece. She lives in Texas with her hubby and nine children. For more information visit her at: www.apriltribegiauque.com

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Her Resources:

Supporter Toolkit

Pinpoints Across America

Virtual Book Launch Coaching


Marty Liccardo
Marty has been an anti-violence educator and activist for over 15 years. He has extensive experience speaking and training students, faculty, and staff at colleges and universities around the US, as well as providing programming in the public and private sectors.  Marty provides in-depth and interactive presentations, programs, trainings, and keynote speeches. His unique style fuses humor and direct engagement to inform, guide, and support audiences into reflective critical thinking and active personal commitment.

Marty’s professional career has focused on engaging with college and university students. He has an expansive range of programing and presenting experience.  Currently, Marty serves as the Men’s Engagement Specialist for the Utah Department of Health, coordinating statewide efforts to engage men in anti-violence work. He is also the co-founder of the Men’s Anti-Violence Network (MAN) of Utah.

Sam Lutui
Sam is a KAVA talks facilitator through the organization PIK2AR. 

KAVA Talks (Kommitment Against Violence Altogether) is a Tongan/Pacific Islander male domestic violence advocacy group certified by the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition whose mission is to help raise awareness about domestic violence and to provide the necessary resources to those who need it.

The Kava circle provides a platform in a familiar and safe environment where members can freely discuss everything from personal to governmental issues. The ideology behind a kava circle is based on the Pacific Islander practice of Talanoa, which involves forming circles and talking amongst each other in order to promote self-reflection and to build stronger relationships.

In 2016 KAVA Talks expanded to include Sexual Assault prevention, intervention and healing resources, education, support and discussion for all male allies.

KAVA Talks is held once a month in Salt Lake City (2nd Thursday) at Jordan West Valley Hospital and in St George (2nd Tuesday) at the St George Recreation Center.

Avery Gerard