Safe Harbor Pickleball Clinic

Would you like to improve your pickleball skills? This is your opportunity to be taught by the best in the industry while supporting Safe Harbor!

Includes two hours of instruction from Tyler Wren (5.5 Pro), Larry Moon (17-time National Champion), Nathan Bray (5.0 Pro), and Callie Smith(5.0 Pro)! There are 16 spots available and will be broken up into 4 stations to level up your game, increase court confidence, touch, and consistency. You will get 30 minutes of instruction and coaching at each station. Coaching ratio will be 4 players to 1 coach per station. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Safe Harbor.  

Station 1- Serve and Return

Learning Goal: 

  1. Proper Foot Work and Position
  2. Deep Serve Technique
  3. Deep Return Technique

Station 2- Third Shot Drop

Learning Goal: 

  1. Correct Foot Work and Position
  2. Ball Placement Technique
  3. Defending A Bad Third Shot

Station 3- Dinking

Learning Goal: 

  1. Proper Body Position and Foot Work
  2. Cross Court Angles
  3. Head to Head Dinking

Station 4 – Serve and Return

Learning Goal: 

  1. Proper Blocking Technique
  2. Forehand Block Technique
  3. Back Hand Block Technique