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Support Groups

Safe Harbor Crisis Center offers a variety of supportive educational groups. All groups are free and confidential. Some classes accept walk-ins, while others require preregistration. Please see below for our current group offerings and registration requirements. Please call 801-444-9161 to enroll in groups.

Domestic Violence Support Groups cover topics, such as assertiveness and boundaries, conflict resolution, safety planning, understanding anger, and the effects of domestic violence on children. We offer support groups for special populations including male survivors, teens, and Spanish speaking clients.

For survivors age 18 and up who are or have been victims of abuse. Participants are encouraged to attend 8 of the 10 groups. General topics may include: Grief and Loss, Self-Esteem and Self-Care; Boundaries and Assertiveness; Healthy Love/Relationships; Domestic Violence 101; Profile of an Abuser; Effects of Domestic Violence on Children; Parenting, Strengthening Communication with Children; Conflict Resolution; Stress Management; Safety Planning. Topics are examples only.

Parenting Group assists parents with understanding the effects of domestic violence on their children and providing them with the tools to help their children heal. The eight-week program details child development, parenting styles, discipline, positive communication, daily routines, and more.

For all parents with children who have been victims of or witnessed abuse. Participants are encouraged to attend 8 of the 9 groups. General topics may include:

  • Child Development
  • Children and Domestic Violence (Part 1)
  • Children and Domestic Violence (Part 2)
  • Parenting Styles
  • Discipline vs. Punishment
  • Positive Discipline
  • Daily Routines
  • Positive Communication
  • Importance/Power of Play

    STAR (Sexual Trauma and Recovery) Group works with rape and sexual assault survivors to help them heal after the assault. Topics may include safety, guilt, shame, and self blame, anger, fear, and moving forward. This group is also offered specifically for teens.

    Children’s Education Groups run concurrently with adults classes. During Children’s Groups trained professionals help children cope with their feelings and family changes, learn anger management and frustration coping techniques, and other topics. There are groups for in-shelter children and outreach children.

    For children ages 4 to 12. Groups are divided by age, 4-7 year olds and 8-12 year olds. Children are encouraged to attend 8 of the 10 groups.General topics may include:
  • Getting to Know You
  • Feelings
  • Families
  • Abuse
  • Safety/Protection Plan
  • Anger/Positive Expressions of Anger
  • Assertiveness/Personal Power
  • Choices/Change
  • Loss/Separation/Divorce
  • Self-Esteem
  • Gratitude
  • Review/Party
  • Adolescent Safe Dating/Healthy Relationship Group

    For adolescents ages 13-18. Participants are encouraged to attend 8 of the 10 groups. The entire 10-week curriculum centers on Safe Dating and Healthy Relationships.

    Outreach Domestic Violence Victim’s Support and Educational Jail Group this group is for women incarcerated in the Davis County Jail. The group outline follows that of the Outreach Domestic Violence Victim’s Support and Educational Group mentioned above.